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Consultation offers everyone in the region the chance to say what they think is important and what our long-term work priorities should be.

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Supporting Information

2015/2016 Rates Estimator

View the estimated rates for your property for the 2015/2016 rating year.

Revenue and Financing Policy 2015-25

The Revenue and Financing Policy is required as part of the Long Term Plan. It has been prepared in accordance with the Local Government Act 2002 and sets out how the Otago Regional Council intends to fund its operating and capital expenditure.

Dairy Farm Monitoring

Every year we undertake a programme of monitoring dairy farms because of the potential risks of this activity on our water quality. Every dairy farm will have at least one monitoring visit, some may require two visits, and others three or more visits during a year. Three classes of rating are proposed, based on the number of visits to be made. See which rating class your dairy farm is in on our map.

Financial Strategy 2015

The Financial Strategy explains how Otago Regional Council is proposing to manage its finances over the next 10 years. The goal of our financial strategy is to ensure we deliver our services sustainably and affordably.

Dunedin Bus Fares & Zones 2015/2016

Dunedin bus fares have been reviewed and are changing from 1 July 2015. A further change to bus fares is planned for early 2016, following the implementation of a new ticketing system, when the fare structure will change from a seven zone structure to a five zone structure.

Infrastructure Strategy

Infrastructure Strategy identifies how we will manage our infrastructure assets, identifies significant issues around our flood protection and drainage schemes over the next 30 years through to 2045, and discusses how we will address those issues.